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Treatment plans can be costly for your patients. zipMoney is designed to give patients the flexibility to pay for the cost of their treatment over time, on their terms. Our flexible payment system will help your practice grow and increase acceptance to treatment plans, by supporting your patients through a flexible, interest free payment option.

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Gilda Parreno

New South Wales

“zipMoney is a payment plan solutions that does not only benefit our patients but all our dental practices as well. It is very convenient to use both by us and our patients. Highly recommended!”

How does it work?

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Together with our partners, zipMoney provides a healthier way for patients to manage their treatment costs.

Dr Massaud Mohmed, Dentist


“Since introducing zipMoney to the clinic we have seen an increased is treatment acceptance especially the higher end pros and ortho. It is very easy to set up and we have not had any problems with patients accessing the application online. In comparison to other financial companies we have used in the past, zip money has been the most efficient in both the staff time and approval time. Patients do love it and they are now able to undertake the treatments they need now without worrying about finances.”


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